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Where To Get Amla

Amla, commonly known as Indian Gooseberry, is a powerful fruit that could have dramatic impacts on your health and vitality.

Used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, this berry may also be used to treat a number of different health conditions.

Even though you may not have heard of Amla before, this food is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which could revive and rejuvenate your body and soul.

Although it has been used to treat hair and skin problems, the nutrients found in Amla may also keep diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, at bay.

Finding this fruit may be especially tough, since it’s not something native to the United States.

Even though fresh, raw Amla may not be available, there are plenty of other ways you can get this fruit.

It may come in juice, oil, or even in powdered form, which could give you easy access to the powerful health-improving benefits found in this potent superfood.

Although the juice and oil may be very effective at improving your health, it may not be the best form of Amla.

The powdered form may be the best for optimizing your health, therefore knowing where you can get Amla is often one of biggest questions we often get.

The Health Benefits of Using Amla

Amla, which is grown in certain parts of India, the Middle East, and some southern Asian countries, has many different benefits when it comes to improving your health.

Many people tend to drink the juice or eat the berry raw, which could pose a problem, since the berry is very bitter or sour.

In order to eliminate the bitter and sour taste, people resort to adding sugar, salt, or other additives to the juice in order to make it palatable.

This may detract from the health benefits you may see when consuming Amla. 

That’s why it’s often recommended that you use Amla to improve your health.

When the fruit of the Amla tree is dried out and ground up into the powder form, it still contains the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you would expect to get if you were drinking Amla juice or eating it raw.

Amla powder extract may be used daily as a way to improve your health and ward off chronic diseases.

Some benefits of consuming Amla every day may include:

• Improved digestion
• Stronger immune system
• Softer, more supple skin
• Longer, stronger, and more luscious hair
• Lower blood sugar
• A reduction in total and LDL cholesterol
• Healthy blood pressure levels

Amla powder is often used in homemade facemasks and scrubs that not only give life to your skin, but add volume to your hair, preventing premature graying, and improving your complexion.

When used as a medicine, the antioxidants found in Amla may help lower blood sugar levels, reduces total and LDL cholesterol, and may scavenge free radicals that often lead to the development of different chronic diseases.

Although you may find (on very rare occasions) fresh Amla in Indian supermarkets, the powdered form may be the easiest to use and is the most recommended way to take Amla every day.

What To Look For In Amla Powder

If you’re going to buy Amla powder, the right type of powder is one key to improving your health and vitality.

Some powders are not considered safe or pure, and may contain plenty of pesticides.   Why?

Depending on where the fruit is grown, some farms use heavy pesticides to keep bugs or even fungus from destroying the fruit.

And this means that some pesticide residue may still be present after the drying process.

So once the berry is ground up, those pesticides may also be found in your Amla, therefore potentially increasing your exposure to these harmful chemicals.

It’s very important that you look for organic Amla powder, since most organic farms don’t treat their crops with pesticides.

You should also look for powders that have the USDA certification and third-party testing for purity and potency.

This way you know you’re getting the best Amla that has the highest concentration of nutrients to improve your health, revive your body, and rejuvenate you from the inside and out.

Even though Amla may still be slightly tart, once mixed with something (like our non-GMO Dark Oolong Green Tea Leaves), the tangy taste may disappear, allowing your body to bathe in the rich antioxidants.

Where To Find Amla Powder

Even though Amla fruit may not be readily available in the US, some Indian grocery stores in bigger, more metropolitan areas may carry Amla berries.

But there’s only one problem:

The berries may be very expensive, which could often deter someone from buying fresh Amla.  This is why it’s often recommended that you use Amla powder, not only for ease of use, but it’s significantly less expensive to buy than fresh Amla.

Editor’s Note: Here is a less expensive and better way to flush your body with the antioxidants in Amla—in the best-tasting way possible.

By infusing Amla powder with Dark Green Tea Leaves, like we do with Amla Green Tea, you may find a pleasing taste and you’ll immediately feel a rush of energy as the antioxidants start working immediately to improve your health.

The Take Home Message

Although Amla fruit has been shown to improve your health, it may not be readily available for purchase, which leaves many wondering how they will get more Amla into their diet.

Even though some high-end Indian supermarkets may have fresh Amla, it may be very rare to find and is often very expensive.

One of the best ways to consume Amla would be to use Amla powder every day.

The powder form contains all the potent vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as you would find in fresh Amla, at a fraction of the cost.

However, not all Amla powders may be safe.  Some powder may contain pesticide residue, which could be detrimental to your health.

That’s why we have developed Amla Green Tea.  Not only are you getting the strongest, most potent form of organic Amla powder (without the toxic pesticides), you’re also getting antioxidant-rich dark green Oolong green tea leaves, which could put your body in position for optimal health.

And even though Amla powder may be tart or tangy, infusing it with the dark green tea leaves may give you a mild taste that you can enjoy any time of day.

If you’re going to consume Amla powder, and don’t know where to buy it, we highly recommend you give Amla Green Tea a try.

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