Amla Green is the World's Most Powerful Antioxidant Tea

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Amla Benefits

Supports Healthy

Scientific studies have shown amla to be an incredibly promising tool in the fight to lower cholesterol

Supports Healthy
Blood Glucose

Peer-reviewed research shows that amla is very effective at lowering blood glucose in patients with diabetes

Supports Healthy
Blood Pressure

Scientific studies demonstrate that amla helps improve cardiovascular health and can lower blood pressure effectively

Mental Clarity

Increase your mental focus, think more clearly, and boost your energy levels

Beautiful Skin & Hair

Amla has been used for centuries to keep hair full, thick, strong, and can help prevent it from going gray

Supports Healthy

Amla has been used for centuries to improve digestive health

It tastes great, and that's a good thing, but I'm more excited that I've seen lower fasting glucose in just a week!

Tori W.

OK. I'm pretty amazed. My blood sugars are leveling out and I feel incredible. It has a very pleasant taste as well. I will definitely buy again.

Amit R.

Fantastic! This tea makes me feel great and has a great earthy taste. It gives me lasting energy without the jitters.

Pamela J.

Learn the scientific research behind the powerful metabolic effects of Indian gooseberries

Two Powerful Antioxidants.
One Proprietary Formula.
Unparalleled Antioxidant Strength.


Indian Gooseberries

Most amla is grown in India and can be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals and fungus. Amla Green™ is made from organic, wild-harvested, non-farmed amla. This 100% organic amla is tested for purity, then concentrated 20x to create the ultra-powerful Amla Green™.

Oolong Dark
Green Tea

Non-GMO, dark green oolong tea is partially oxidized, roasted, rolled, dried, hand sorted, and blended to achieve the best characteristics of a mild-flavored, smooth green tea.

Our Premium Amla Powder is Superior to Many Popular Superfoods

Amla has a higher oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC value) than the most popular superfoods easily available today. Learn how amla stacks up versus the competition:

Goji Berries

ORAC Score: 3,290

Amla contains 75x the antioxidant power

Once touted as the antioxidant king, goji berries contain 75 times less antioxidant power than Indian gooseberries.


ORAC Score: 4,479

Amla contains 60x the antioxidant power

Pomegranate juice can be found in cute bottles, but amla has 60x more concentrated antioxidant punch.


ORAC Score: 4,669

Amla contains 50x the antioxidant power

Blueberries are delicious and antioxidant-rich, but amla contains 50 times more antioxidant power per bite.

Black Raspberries

ORAC Score: 13,220

Amla contains 13x the antioxidant power

Black raspberries are a rare and powerful antioxidant-rich superfood. Indian gooseberries are packed with 13 times as much antioxidant content.

Açaí Berries

ORAC Score: 102,700

Amla contains 2.5x the antioxidant power

The popular açaí berry tastes amazing and delivers exceptional nutrition. Indian gooseberries are packed with more than twice as many antioxidants.


ORAC Score: 127,068

Amla contains 2x the antioxidant power

Research shows that turmeric has exceptional antioxidant power. Indian gooseberries are twice as powerful as this antioxidant powerhouse.

Indian Gooseberries

ORAC Score: 261,500

The king of antioxidants

Amla fruit contains the highest recorded antioxidant content of any food on the planet, making it the king of whole-food antioxidants.

Amla Green is a Natural Energy Drink

Amla fruit provides natural energy and is a great substitute for caffeine.

Thousands of our customers enjoy drinking Amla Green as a coffee substitute for a natural energy boost

I love the taste and look forward to my morning amla tea. I have been using Amla Green for just over 3 months now and my recent blood work shows both my cholesterol levels and fasting blood glucose have gone down. If you're looking for a great tasting and effective amla product, this is the one.

Frank C.

This stuff is amazing. I've been looking for a way to get more superfoods into my diet that's easy and delicious, and I've read about the near-endless benefits that come from amla, so I was super happy to find this product! It tastes good and I love knowing that I'm getting this awesome antioxidant with every sip. 100% recommend.

Dennis A.

Indian gooseberries are a rare and ancient superfood that contain unmatched antioxidant power and deliver exceptional health benefits

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