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Can I order Amla Green™ if I live in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the United States?

Due to overwhelming demand, we have made it possible to order Amla Green™ from outside the United States. We now offer international shipping. When you are checking out, enter your address in the shopping cart, and the cost of shipping will be automatically calculated and applied to your order. The approximate shipping costs for single bottles are listed below:

30-Day Bottle

Hawaii $3.75

Alaska $3.75

Australia $14.25

Canada $10.00

Great Britain $14.00

India $13.75

90-Day Bottle

Hawaii $3.75

Alaska $3.75

Australia $23.50

Canada $16.00

Great Britain $23.50

India $23.25

What is the recommended daily dose of Amla Green™?

We recommend drinking 1-2 glasses of Amla Green™ per day to maximize your chances of reducing blood glucose, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and to dramatically increase your energy levels during the day.

We recommend mixing 1 scoop of Amla Green™ concentrated powder in 1 glass of warm or hot water. We formulated 1 scoop of Amla Green™ to be the equivalent of approximately 4 grams of Indian gooseberries, which has been shown to significantly improve biomarkers of metabolic health from scientific studies.

How much caffeine is inside 1 cup of Amla Green™?

Indian gooseberries are naturally caffeine-free, but Amla Green™ does contain caffeine from the oolong green tea. A single scoop of Amla Green™ contains approximately 50mg of caffeine, equivalent to approximately 1/4 (one fourth) of a cup of coffee.

What can I mix Amla Green™ with?

We recommend mixing Amla Green™ with warm or hot water, then stirring until the tea powder completely dissolves. In addition, you can mix Amla Green™ tea powder with many other liquids, including juices, smoothies, or soups. Feel free to experiment with Amla Green™ however you see fit!

Do you have a subscription option?

Due to overwhelming demand, you can now receive a bottle of Amla Green™ every month without reordering it online. During checkout, simply choose the subscription option, and then enter your mailing address and billing address. You can choose between a 30-day or 90-day bottle every month depending on the number of people using the product.

I don’t see a scooper inside my bottle, what happened?

The scooper inside the bottle is small and can sometimes be difficult to find. If you are unsure whether your bottle has a scooper, simply close the bottle by screwing on the lid, then shake the bottle gently. If you hear a clicking noise, that means that the scooper is inside the bottle. Shake the bottle for a few seconds, then open the bottle and pick out the scooper with your fingers (if visible), or scoop out the scooper using a metal fork or knife.

What happens if I lose the scooper?

If you lose the scooper, you can continue making a daily glass of tea by mixing approximately 1/4 (one fourth) tbsp. in a glass of warm or hot water, as described above.

Why does the jar only contain a small amount of powder?

We formulated Amla Green™ to be very concentrated, which is why a full bottle can often appear to be only half full. Please note that only a small amount of Amla Green™ tea powder is necessary on a daily basis. We ensure that all 30-day bottles contain 30 scoops of Amla Green™, and that all 90-day bottles contain 90 scoops of Amla Green™.

Why is Amla Green™ a brown color?

Oolong green tea and Indian gooseberries combine to form a dark brown powder, even though each ingredient was originally green in color. The tea powder is brown, and the color of the tea is brown, even though both Indian gooseberries and oolong green tea leaves are both green in color. The magic of chemistry is at work!