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Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us

Amla Green™ is a fast growing company with high quality products that make a real difference in your metabolic health. There are many reasons to buy from us.

We always put the customer first. A customer-centered shopping experience is a major company goal, and we pride ourselves in our customer service, honesty, integrity, and transparency. Shop with us today and see the Amla Green™ difference.

The Amla Green™ Difference

We formulated Amla Green™ Tea Powder using an ultra powerful 20x amla berry concentrate, which means that every 1 gram of Amla Green™ tea powder contains 20 grams of amla berries.

Importing amla berries into the United States is notoriously problematic, and we have worked hard to solve many of the most challenging problems.

Problem #1: Amla Must Be Imported to the United States

Since this amla fruit is primarily grown on an industrial scale in India and not in the United States, it must always be imported. This results in higher prices and delays due to shipping, which make it challenging to create amla products in the United States.

We have managed to secure an Indian source that is high quality and inexpensive, giving you the best of both worlds.

Problem #2: Raw Crop Contamination

Raw amla fruit is often contaminated with lead, fungus, and microbes. As a result, untreated amla powder does not meet strict US import standards. This is a huge problem, and obtaining a fresh, uncontaminated crop has become a very challenging task indeed.

We source wild-harvested amla berries from India, and test the final product for heavy metals and impurities to ensure that it meets all US standards.

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Problem #3: Crop-to-Crop Variability

Due to differences in geography, soil conditions, humidity, and availability of water, not all Indian gooseberries are created equal. Crops grown in different regions of India can have varying levels of antioxidant power, resulting in large crop-to-crop variability that decreases consumer confidence.

We source a standardized extract using an ultra powerful standardized 20x amla berry concentrate, which means that every 1 gram of Amla Green™ tea powder contains 20 grams of amla berries. There is no variability in the potency of Amla Green™ because of this standardization process.

Problem #4: Not Always Organic

Not all amla sources in India grow the gooseberries under organic standards. As a result, some berries contain pesticide residue, which gets concentrated when the berry is ground into a dry powder.

Because obtaining organic berries is so challenging, we use wild-harvested berries, which are free of pesticide residue due to conventional agricultural practices. We do our best to ensure the highest quality product with the lowest contamination levels possible.