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Studies not only show green tea to be a powerful addition for improving your health, but it could also stimulate fat loss.

Before we get into where you can buy green tea for weight loss, let’s go over a few sobering statistics on the obesity epidemic that has its grip on the entire world’s population.

Weight and Weight Loss

You have that friend…or it may be you…who has always wanted to fit into a size 1 or 2.

But for some reason, you can’t seem to lose the weight you want or even shave off a few percentages on your body fat.

And it frustrates you.  You change your diet…you exercise more…you do all the things you’re supposed to do, but nothing seems to help.

You’re going to be stuck living a life being overweight, fat, and unhappy.

But that is the furthest thing from the truth.

You’re NOT going to be overweight forever…

In fact, if you include green tea in your nutrition plan, you could see some pretty amazing results.

Before we go any further, I want to show you how the obesity epidemic has become a large health concern.

Here are some sobering statistics:

• The obesity epidemic has impacted over 93.3 million people in the US alone.
• Obesity-related conditions, like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers, account for a large proportion of preventable, premature deaths around the world.
• The yearly estimates show obesity and obesity-related conditions account for over 174 BILLION dollars each year in the US.
• 35.7 percent of people aged 20 to 39 were considered obese, with the numbers steadily increasing as a person gets older.

Although most people who are overweight or obese look for many different options to lose weight…

…like fad diets…medication interventions…diet changes…starting an exercise program…

Literally, the list goes on and on, on what people will go through to achieve a lean, toned body.

But here’s one simple addition you could add to your plan that could yield amazing weight loss and overall health benefits.

That would be the addition of green tea in your diet plan.

The Weight Loss Benefits Of Green Tea

Not only has it been shown to stimulate weight loss…

…if could also increase fat oxidation in your body! (Fat oxidation is the ability your body has at burning fat and stripping away body fat stores.)

Green tea is a very powerful drink.  It has been used for centuries as a medicine to treat many different health ailments.

Powered by some of the strongest bioactive compounds around, research supports the ability of green tea for improving all facets of human health.

Green tea also contains one of the most widely researched compounds around,  the catechin EGCG. It has shown to improve heart, brain, kidney, and liver health and to lower blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Now, when it comes to weight loss, green tea is pretty powerful as well.  Thanks to the powerful catechins, tannins, polyphenols, and other nutrients, green tea may boost your metabolism and increase your ability to burn fat.

Green tea contains caffeine which has also been shown to simulate your metabolism and boost weight loss.

Even though the caffeine content is less than coffee, it is still enough to boost your overall weight loss.

A recent study, looking at 10 healthy men, shows a modest 4 percent increase in their metabolism, just by adding green tea to their diet.

They attributed the increase to the caffeine content combined with the polyphenols.

But it gets even better…

Studies show that green tea may also mobilize fatty acids to be used for energy during exercise.

One study showed, men who took green tea before exercise, were 17 percent more likely to burn more fat during their workout.

Another study showed that the catechins found in green tea were able to increase fat oxidation at rest and during exercise.

Many different studies also show that EGCG may be able to burn more fat, resulting in less body fat for the long term.

Now that you know how the catechins, tannins, and polyphenols can lead to fat loss, the next question is…

Where Can You Buy Green Tea For Weight Loss

Besides weight loss, green tea may provide your body with plenty of other health benefits.

And depending on the type of tea, you may see different benefits due to the different structures of the antioxidants, tannins, and polyphenols.

But one thing is for sure:

You need to consider is the QUALITY of the green tea you’re getting.

You can get all sorts of green tea in many supermarkets, drugstores, or online through many different retailers.

But they may all be lower-quality tea that could not hold the same health-promoting benefits that some higher-quality green tea may offer.

Yes, you’re going to get some antioxidants, but you’re not going to get the same level of antioxidants that a better quality green tea has to offer.

That’s why choosing a high-quality green tea, one that is full of antioxidants and that your body can use to increase your metabolism and burn more fat, is super important.

The Take Home Message

Everyone is on a quest to lose weight.  And typically, you would do everything you can to lose weight and keep it off.

That may include consuming green tea as a part of your every day nutrition program.  Studies show that the compounds found in green tea may increase your metabolism and increase your ability to burn fat.

The powerful compounds, namely EGCG, may increase the antioxidant levels in your body, which could improve your ability to burn fat. It's also an excellent option to drink while intermittent fasting.

But where can you buy green tea for weight loss?

Although you can buy green tea almost anywhere, the quality of the green tea is very important.

Lower quality green tea may not contain the same level of antioxidants as others. 

That’s why, if you’re truly looking to burn fat and get in shape, then you should look for an antioxidant-rich green tea that could rush the powerful nutrients your body needs, so you can achieve your desired result.

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