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Where To Buy Gooseberry Powder?

One of the most potent superfoods around, Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, is quickly becoming one of the most sought after superfoods.

For most people, Indian Gooseberry isn’t a household name, but will be in the near future.

This powerful berry, also considered by many to be the “king” of antioxidants, has set itself apart from other superfoods, due to its extensive nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Studies show this powerful berry may do everything from lower cholesterol and blood pressure to stabilizing blood sugar and preventing diabetes.

Although one whole fresh fruit could be enough to start a healthy chain reaction in your body, Indian Gooseberry may be hard to come by.

Unless you have an Amla tree in your backyard, you may have a hard time finding this potent berry hanging off a tree.

That’s why most people resort to gooseberry powder, which could give you all the same benefits as the fresh, raw fruit.


The question remains, “where can I buy gooseberry powder?”

What Exactly Are Gooseberries?

Indian Gooseberries, also known as Amla or Phyllanthus emblica, are native to Southeast Asia.  

Indian Gooseberry plants range in size from small to medium, and produce yellowish-greenish fruit all year round.

Before you think that eating a ripe gooseberry is easy, think again.  Due to the strong, bitter, and sour taste, eating a few gooseberries may be hard.

This is why Amla is often combined with spices, or ground up into powder, so you can use it in smoothies, drinks, or in capsule form.

But here’s the only problem…

Finding where to buy a good gooseberry powder may be daunting.   

The reason why gooseberry isn’t everywhere is because there are many roadblocks that limit high-quality Indian Gooseberry from reaching store shelves.


In fact, here are 4 distinct reasons why Indian Gooseberry is not available everywhere.  They are:


  1. Gooseberry Is Expensive

I hate to break it to you, but your parents out West, aren’t able to grow gooseberry on such a large scale as you would find in India.

Therefore, all Gooseberry has to be imported from different parts of India.  Now, I don’t have to tell you what this means … but I will.

Since all Gooseberry is imported, it makes it very expensive to your hands on.

And if you are lucky enough to get an order of Gooseberry, the long delays with shipping and transport could take days, weeks, or months to reach you.


  1. The Crop May Be Contaminated

Besides the high price and the long delays with shipping, some gooseberry may come with a little more than the powerful antioxidants you’re looking for.

Raw Gooseberry plants may contain lead, fungus, and other dangerous microbes that may not be eliminated during processing.

And that means only one thing when it hits the US:

The stringent US quality standards may leave cases of Gooseberry sitting on docks waiting to be shipped back.


  1. Not All Gooseberry Are Created The Same

Gooseberry is grown in many different parts of India.   And that means not all crops (and powders) match each other when it comes to antioxidant power.

Due to geography, availability to water, soil conditions, and many other reasons, one crop may contains LESS antioxidant power than a crop grown in another region of India.

This alone, brings down customer confidence, which makes it too risky to purchase Gooseberry powder.


  1. The Organic Label May Not Apply

Organic means that the food product has been naturally grown, with no pesticide or chemical exposure.

But that can’t be said for all Gooseberry grown in India.  In some areas, pesticides are frequently used, which may leach into the Gooseberry plant.

This often leads to a higher concentration of pesticide found in Gooseberry powder, which could then end up consumed by you and your family members.


Don't Waste Your Money on Bad Gooseberry Powder

With all these issues, you may question why you would invest your hard-earned money into gooseberry powder. And you'd be right to do so. Most of the stuff out there isn't worth your time OR money.

However, if you can get your hands on the right gooseberry powder, it can do WONDERS.


That’s why I would like to introduce you to Amla Green Tea!


What Is Amla Green Tea?

Amla Green Tea is a combination of ultra-potent gooseberry powder that is infused with Oolong green tea leaves to give you unsurpassed taste and plenty of antioxidant power.

This powerful tea has 20 grams of wild Amla berries per gram of powder, which is free from pesticide and chemical residue.

Since this highly concentrated tea comes from contaminated-free growers, our tea surpasses expectations, tastes exceptional with no bitter aftertaste—and gives you plenty of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Unlike other Amla powders on the market today, Amla Green Tea is the closest to the actual berry as it comes!  Most powders go through a chemical transformation to make it edible for you to use.

But we are proud to say that Amla Green Tea does not!  We have perfected our technique so the only thing removed from the gooseberry is water.

This means is that Amla Green Tea is a naturally concentrated source of powerful antioxidants that you can’t find anywhere else.

We Made Amla Green Tea Taste Awesome So You Can Stay Awesome, Healthy, and Fit.  Try It Today.


The Take Home Message

If you’ve read through the extensive list of superfoods, you may not have seen Indian gooseberry (Amla) on the list.

But it will be!  Indian gooseberry is considered the “king” when it comes to antioxidant power.  However, you can’t find gooseberry powder just anywhere.

Due to stringent import standards, cost, and exposure to pesticides, getting high-quality gooseberry powder may not be easily accessible.

But we have changed the landscape for Indian Gooseberry!  Amla Green Tea is a potent source of Indian gooseberry combined with Oolong green tea leaves.

This gives you a powerful, antioxidant-rich cup of tea that you can’t find in any coffee shop or grocery chain.

If you’ve been looking at buying gooseberry powder, and your search came up empty …

Taste The Difference Of Amla Green Tea –Powered By Indian Gooseberry—Click Here Today.