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I know exactly where to buy Amla powder near me, do you?

There’s a good chance you don’t.  And the reason is pretty simple why:

You probably have never heard of Amla before.  Am I right?

Well, let me tell you something, if you lived in India, the Middle East, or countless other Asian countries, you would know exactly what Amla is and why you should be taking it.

But for those living in the US, who are unsure what Amla is, let me give you very brief education about this special little berry…

The Special Power Of Amla

Like most supefoods, Amla is pretty darn special.  Not only does it contain powerful “healing” compounds known as antioxidants, it contains plenty of other compounds that could vastly improve your health.

For example, men and women in India have been using Amla juice, powder (make it into a paste), and oil as a natural way to restore health to their skin and hair.

It’s just that special.  And even though you may not have heard about this potent superfood before—you will.

It’s rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids that not only improve your health, but may also act as a medicine for disease prevention.

In fact, Amla powder, raw fruit, and the Amla juice have been used to:

• Boost immunity
• Improve digestion (aid in the secretion of digestive enzymes)
• Give you radiant-looking skin
• Strengthen your hair and regrow lost hair
• Combat free radical damage that could make you prematurely older than you really are
• Improve blood sugar control to prevent diabetes (or even improve diabetes symptoms)
• …and so much more.

I know, I know…it seems to be a lot to take in.  But trust me; Amla is worth every penny you’re going to spend on it, because it’s simply that powerful.

How powerful you may be asking?

Well, this fruit has more antioxidants than blueberries…

20X more vitamin C that lemon juice…

30X more polyphenols than red wine…

And more gallic acid than most fruits on the market today!

What does this mean for you?

It simply means that this fruit, with the multitude of antioxidant compounds may combat free radical damage, which could lower inflammation and prevent things like heart disease, diabetes, and age-related health issues from destroying your body.

That’s why this fruit is considered by many to be the “king” of whole food antioxidants—because of the powerful ORAC value that has been assessed this this tiny, plum-sized fruit.

And even though this sounds well and good, where to buy Amla powder near me is always a question that I get…

The Special Powers of Amla Powder

As previously mentioned, Amla powder could do wonders for your health.  Not only does it contain powerful antioxidants and other helpful compounds, it contains protein, fiber, and essential fats your body needs to stay healthy and function at optimal levels.

Without these essential nutrients, your body may suffer from elevated cholesterol, poor blood sugar control, and other risk factors that could shorten your life.

That’s why it’s important that you maintain your daily intake of Amla.  And it you haven’t started using Amla powder yet, it may be a good idea to start thinking about.

Here are just a few of the powerful benefits you may see from using Amla:

1. Better Blood Sugar Management

Everyone is wary of developing diabetes.  And for good reason!  This disease could lead to blindness, loss of limbs, neuropathy, and an increased risk for heart disease and other health condition.

Although there are many factors that should be addressed…the two important ones are 1) this inability to use insulin, and 2) poor blood sugar management.
Amla, which contains the mineral chromium, may address both of these issues. 

Not only does it naturally lower blood sugar levels, it could stimulate the pancreas to release insulin.

This added insulin-releasing benefit could lead to better blood sugar control and a lower risk for developing diabetes.

And if you currently have diabetes, it could lead to better blood sugar management.

2. Improved Heart Health

Next to your brain, your heart is one of the most important organs you need to protect.  And issues like high blood pressure, poor heart function, and elevated cholesterol could lead to future health issues that include heart attacks or strokes.

That’s why controlling these risk factors could reduce the risk for heart disease, which just happens to be the number one reason for death around the world.

Amla, and the antioxidant compounds found in Amla, have been linked to lower total and LDL (your bad) cholesterol levels

It may also improve your blood pressure numbers!  This could reduce the risk for damage and hardening of your arteries.

This could reduce your overall risk for developing heart disease, having a heart attack, or suffering from a stroke.

3. Younger Looking Skin and Fuller, Longer Hair

One of the easiest ways to reduce the signs of aging is by including Amla in your diet.  Not only does it flush your body with antioxidants…

…these compounds go to work scavenging free radicals that could damage healthy cells and your DNA.

This could slow the aging process down significantly—eliminating wrinkles and age spots, leaving you with younger looking skin.

It has also been used as a mask to reverse gray hair, stimulate dead hair follicles to regrow hair again, and may even act as a conditioner, leading to soft, silky hair.

Where To Buy Amla Powder Near Me

If you’re on the hunt for fresh Amla or even Amla powder, then you need to look either online or in some local groceries stores.

You should look for Organic Amla powder, as it could contain less traces of pesticide residue or other contaminates, like fungus that could be contained in the powder.

Most Amla powder is produced by drying fresh Amla fruit naturally in the sun. 

And even though it could lead to a higher concentration of antioxidants, it could also intensify the pesticide residue that could be found in non-organic Amla powder products.

That’s why it’s extremely important that you look for an ORGANIC Amla powder product, to not only keep the pesticide residue away, but to also increase your antioxidant status in your body.

Also, some Amla powder products may not contain enough antioxidants, due to soil conditions, and where it is grown.

Even though it could still improve your health, you may not get all the benefits you could from a super concentrated powder.

That’s why, if you’re looking at where to buy Amla powder near me, you should consider this organic Amla powder product that contains 20 berries in each gram—it’s the only one that comes highly recommended.

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