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Green tea, which is the second most consumed beverage in the world, has quickly become the beverage of choice when you’re looking to improve your health.

Powered by the polyphenol, EGCG, green tea may lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, help you lose weight, and could even slow down the aging process.

Although already rich in powerful antioxidants, the power of green tea may be amplified thanks in part to lemon.

In fact, studies show that adding lemon to your green tea may allow your body to absorb SIX TIMES more antioxidants than drinking the tea alone. In addition, the combination of green tea with lemon, ginger, and honey may lead to a potent drink that could improve many different facets of your health.

That’s pretty impressive if you’re looking to improve your health …

The Power Of Green Tea 

Green tea has been a staple in the diets of the Chinese and Asian populations for centuries for medicinal means and as a daily beverage.

Now, everyone is joining the green tea bandwagon.

However, green tea and other tea brands (black, white, Oolong) may not be the same.

Although some tea leaves are oxidized or fermented, therefore changing the structure of the antioxidants slightly, you are still getting plenty of health benefits regardless of how oxidized the leaves are.  

Green tea leaves are steamed in water at high temperatures, which preserves the polyphenols and antioxidant nutrients found in the leaves.

Green tea is rich in polyphenols and catechins, which have been shown by research to protect your cells against damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals, also termed reactive oxygen species, are a natural byproduct of normal cellular metabolism.

The problem is that free radicals can damage your cells, which could increase inflammation.

One powerful nutrient found in green tea is EGCG, a powerful polyphenol, and is linked to amazing health benefits.

Green tea has been shown to possess antioxidant properties, prevent the development of some diseases, slow damage to DNA associated with aging, and improve heart health.

Now, you may be asking, “what benefits can you expect by adding lemon to your tea?"

Having Tea With Lemon is Just Smart

There are many people who add lemon to their green tea in order to add a touch of flavor.  But what they may not know is that lemon may improve their health.

You see, the catechins that are found in green tea tend to prefer a more acidic environment, which helps them thrive.

But as the catechins move through the stomach to the intestines, the environment goes from a very acidic one to an alkaline one.

This may result in fewer antioxidants being absorbed by your body, which could limit the benefits.

However, adding lemon changes this.   Since lemon is full of vitamin C, this keeps the environment acidic, which could lead to better absorption of the catechins found in green tea.

In fact, studies show that adding lemon may help your body absorb SIX TIMES more antioxidants than drinking green tea alone.

This simply means that the catechins could go to work, improving your body, at a much faster rate.

So what can health benefits could you expect to see when drinking Green Tea with lemon in the morning?

1. Neutralizes Free Radicals

Every second of every day, your body is producing free radicals.  And the free radical may cause damage as they seek to become stable molecules.

This could lead to massive cellular damage, inflammation, aging skin, and other serious health conditions.

But thanks to the polyphenols and antioxidants found in green tea—and the high vitamin C content found in the lemon juice—free radicals may not stand a chance.

You see, antioxidants are the first defense against free radicals.  The powerful molecules neutralize these unstable cells, therefore eliminating them before they can cause damage to your body.

Studies show that free radicals (and the damage they may cause) could lead to cancer, age-related brain disorders, Parkinson’s, and heart disease.

2. Protects Your Kidneys

Studies show that citric acid found in lemons may improve kidney health, by destroying kidney stones, gallstones, and calcium deposits.

Plus, lemon may stimulate your liver, therefore improving liver and kidney function.

Studies have also shown that lemon juice may lower uric acid levels, therefore preventing gout attacks, a painful arthritic condition.

3. Boosts Weight Loss

Green tea is a powerful weight loss stimulant.  But it’s not the caffeine contained in the green tea that stimulates the fat-burning process.

Studies show that EGCG, the powerful polyphenol found in green tea, may activate fat-burning genes, therefore boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight and body fat.

In fact, studies show that the green tea polyphenols may increase fat burning by as much as 77 percent.

4. Lemons Add An Anti-bacterial Component

In order to stay healthy, you need to take every precaution necessary to keep toxins, viruses, and bacteria from invading your body and making you sick.

Thankfully, lemons may help you accomplish this.  Studies show lemon juice may destroy many different forms of bacteria that could make you sick and could lead to health issues.

5. Protects Your Heart

Studies have linked both the consumption of green tea and lemon to improved heart health.  Both contain potent vitamins and antioxidants that could lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and could strengthen your circulatory system.

This could lead to better heart health and a much lower risk of dying from heart-related issues.

Plus, studies also link a diet rich in vitamin C and the prevention of risk factors associated with heart disease.

The Benefits of Green Tea and Lemon:

Green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water.  It’s packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and other nutrients that could improve your health, slow down the aging process, and could prevent many different chronic diseases.

Most of the benefits of green tea come from EGCG, a powerful polyphenol found in green tea.

Even though green tea is a very powerful drink and could improve your health in many different ways, there is a way to amplify your results.

By adding lemon to your green tea, you may see better absorption of the antioxidants by your body, which could dramatically improve your health.

But the benefits of green tea and lemon in the morning may pale in comparison to drinking just one glass of Amla Green Tea.

This powerful tea combines the non-GMO Amla (Indian gooseberry) with Oolong dark green tea leaves, to give you unmatched antioxidant power.

And this is without adding lemon to your tea!

Just one cup of this powerful tea could do wonders for your health, longevity, and diseases risk … plus, it tastes great. It's also an excellent option to drink while intermittent fasting without any side effects.

If you’re looking for something that is stronger than drinking green tea and lemon in the morning, then Amla Green Tea may be the answer you’ve been looking for