Green Tea While Fasting

Page Medically Reviewed and Edited by Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Green Tea While Fasting

In case you haven’t heard, intermittent fasting is the latest (and probably best) way to lose weight, get in shape, and improve your health.

But it’s not just about losing weight and getting in shape. 

Intermittent fasting has been shown to,

• Boost your weight and body fat loss
• Lower both blood sugar and insulin levels
• May reverse type 2 diabetes
• Improve mental clarity and concentration
• Increase your energy
• May create a short-term increase in growth hormone

As you can see, it is not just about losing weight and getting in shape … it’s about overall improvements to your health.

Even though the results are very impressive, there may be a way to enhance your results and accelerate your health to new heights in the process.

How would you do that?

By including green tea in your fasting plan!

That’s right, drinking green tea during yout fasting may enhance your fast and add even more benefits.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting, as the name represents, is voluntarily fasting for a set period of time and then resuming a normal eating schedule.

Most of the time, people follow a 16/8 fasting schedule, however, some people may go a little more extreme and do a full 24-hour fast (or possibly longer.)

Even though IF has been around for a number of years, it wasn’t until 2012 that this diet was accepted and became a wildly successful way to lose weight.

Unlike other diets that may be hard and unsustainable, intermittent fasting is a simple approach that anyone can do.

And although it was originally used to help people lose weight …

… it is now being used as a way to prevent chronic diseases that may be associated with increased weight gain.

Now, in order to follow the fasting protocol, consuming any type of calories within your fasting window may end your fast and put you in a feeding state.

The reason?

When you consume calories, your liver starts to function to process those calories.  And when this happens, other organs also start to function, therefore increasing hormones that may be needed for digestion.

And this is why you want to be very careful about what you drink within your fasting window.

Water is the number one drink that is recommended within your fasting period. 
Since it is devoid of calories, water is the perfect drink for keeping you hydrated, while keeping your calories down.

But there is one other drink that most people don’t think about that could enhance your fast to give you better results.

How Green Tea Enhances Your Fast

Green tea, next to water, is the second most consumed beverage in the world.  

There are many studies that show green tea may improve everything from heart health (lower LDL cholesterol) to body fat loss by accelerating your metabolism—even without fasting.

So when it comes to fasting, it’s a no-brainer.

Green tea, and the catechins found in green tea has been shown to enhance your fast, accelerate your metabolism, and stabilize your blood sugar.

It’s important to note that plain green tea is the only way to go.  Additives, such as cream, sugar … even lemon may break your fast, and prematurely end the benefits you may get.

So how can green tea while fasting help?

First off, the catechins (namely EGCG) may improve your heart health, by lowering LDL cholesterol levels.

This could protect your heart and prevent a heart attack or blockage from occurring.

When it comes to weight loss, green tea may be even more powerful.

Studies show the combination of green tea and caffeine may boost your metabolism by as much as 4 percent.

This may not seem like a lot, but when your metabolic rate is reduced due to your fasting window, increasing your metabolism may help free up body fat to be burned for energy.

But again, it’s not just about weight loss with green tea.

Since green tea catechins are powerful antioxidants, they may fight back against free radicals and oxidative stress, therefore protecting cells from damage.

Plus, the antioxidants may lower inflammation, which may be the start and progression of many different chronic diseases.

Drinking green tea while fasting may also:

• Reduce cravings—good for controlling calories and preventing hunger from derailing your fast

• Promotes autophagy—accelerates the process of removing damaged and dead cells, which may slow down the aging process.

The only question left to answer is: how much green tea should you drink while fasting?

The best recommendation is to drink no more than 3 cups each day.

The reason for this is simple:

Too much green tea has been shown to increase acid production in your stomach, which could lead to indigestion or stomach pains.

Plus, the caffeine found in green tea may also cause issues, especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

You should also think about drinking cold-brewed green tea.  The heat from the hot water may destroy catechins and antioxidants that protect your health, reduce inflammation, and destroy free radicals.

In fact, a cold-brewed cup of tea may contain 2 to 3 times the antioxidants compared to a hot cup of tea.

The Take Home Message

Intermittent fasting and drinking green tea go hand in hand.  Both may help you boost your weight loss … improve your health … and reduce your risk for chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other age-related disorders.

However, only one of these can enhance the other. 

Drinking green tea while you fast may enhance the effects of your fast, therefore accelerating your overall health benefits

In fact, drinking green tea may accelerate weight loss, increase autophagy to protect your cells as you age, reduce hunger and cravings associated with fasting from nutrients, and could increase your antioxidant profile.

However, there may be some downsides to drinking green tea.  If you’re adding anything to your tea (like cream, sugar, or other additives), then you see an increase in your calories, which could take you out of the fasting zone.

This could limit the effectiveness of your IF, therefore limiting any benefits you may see.

But there is one tea—that not only tastes great—but will provide the necessary nutrients to keep your metabolism and body running smoothly.

Amla Green Tea, which is a combination of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and Oolong green tea leaves, will rush the highest level of antioxidants to your body to enhance your fast and improve your health.

If you’re looking for the best green tea while IF, then we invite you to try Amla Green Tea today.

Try Amla Green Tea Today For Optimal Health And To Enhance Your Fasting Result



Page Medically Reviewed and Edited by
Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD, is a cofounder of Mastering Diabetes and Amla Green is an internationally recognized nutrition and fitness coach who has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2002. Using an evidence-based approach to nutrition and fitness, he first reduced his own insulin usage by more than 40%, and has educated thousands of people with all forms of diabetes how to reverse insulin resistance using food as medicine. Cyrus earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2003, then earned a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 2012. He is the co-host of the annual Mastering Diabetes Online Summit, a featured speaker at the Plant-Based Nutrition and Healthcare Conference (PBNHC), the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Conference, Plant Stock, and has been featured on Forks Over Knives, NPR, PBS, KQED, Fast Company, and is the author of the upcoming book Mastering Diabetes.

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