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If you’re like most people, you probably set a goal to lose weight this year.  It could be as little as 5 pounds … or more than 100 pounds that you want to lose.

But there’s only one problem:  You have no clue where to begin.

Losing weight can be very confusing.  There is one thing that is not confusing when it comes to shedding the winter weight and getting back to your summer body:

Nutrition plays a KEY ROLE in your ability to lose (or even gain) weight.  But where do you begin?

Do you focus on a fad diet like Paleo or Keto? Do you use the intermittent fasting protocol?

However you decide to start, you just need to understand that you need to add the right type of nutrients to your diet to accelerate your fat loss.

Yes, you need to include the following:

• Protein
• Fats
• Complex and simple carbs

You also need to include certain superfoods that are proven to boost your weight loss and get you the body of your dreams.

Although there are many superfoods you should use, you may want to consider using Amla powder to accelerate your metabolism and shed all that unwanted weight.

The Amla Powder Difference

In case you didn’t know, Amla (also known as Indian gooseberry) is a powerful fruit that is native to India, the Middle East, and other Eastern countries.

This powerful fruit has been used for thousands of years as a medicine to treat a number of different ailments.

Why Amla?

Because Amla powder is packed full of antioxidants, flavonoids, tannins, and vitamin C—all nutrients needed to keep you healthy.

Free radicals, which are rogue cells on your body, damage healthy cells in your body.  And when this occurs, you have an increase in oxidative stress, which contribute to inflammation and chronic disease progression.

From digesting food to breathing, free radicals are constantly produced, which raises oxidative stress in your body.

But here’s something you may not know …

Oxidative stress levels may also be due to poor eating and excess food intake. 

When you eat too much, your body will use what it needs and send the rest for storage.

However, when your fat cells are full, the excess nutrients are stored in other areas of the body.  

Visceral fat, which is a type of fat located deep in your body wrapped around your internal organs, is a very dangerous type of fat.

This fat, which may be more metabolically active compared to normal body fat, releases inflammatory cytokines that increases your risk for different diseases.

But, according to a study published in the Journal for the American Diabetes Association, as your visceral fat stores increase, your fat stores start to increase the levels of reactive oxygen species (free radicals), therefore increasing your oxidative stress levels.

And this oxidative stress may lead to insulin resistance in your fat cells, surrounding organs, and other tissue.

But that’s where antioxidant-rich foods come in handy …

Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress

Antioxidants, which are powerful nutrients found in certain foods, may be the first line of defense against free radicals and oxidative stress.

In order to increase your antioxidant levels, you need to eat a more plant-based diet, one that is filed with plenty of dark leafy greens and colorful fruits and vegetables.

These foods, and the antioxidants found in them, may neutralize free radicals, therefore reducing damage and the oxidative stress associated with excessive free radical levels.

How does this aid in weight loss?

By reducing oxidative stress levels, you may reverse insulin resistance, therefore potentially enabling your body to use stored fatty acids for energy.

Besides the obvious calorie difference, plant-based food options (like Amla) may provide the antioxidants you need to fight back against oxidative stress, therefore enabling your body to burn fat more efficiently.

But Amla powder may do a whole lot more for your weight loss.

Even though Amla powder is low in calories, and high in antioxidants, Amla powder may be a great source of chromium.

Chromium, which is an essential nutrient needed for weight loss, has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels, therefore curbing  the cravings that could make you eat when you’re already full.

Better sugar regulation could also lead to better regulation of insulin levels, therefore potentially improving or reversing insulin resistance in your body.

Plus, chromium may also control carbohydrate metabolism, which could lead to better digestion and utilization of nutrients that could boost your metabolism.
Amla powder, however, takes your weight loss a step further.

Studies have shown that low levels of vitamin C may be DIRECTLY associated with body fat and weight gain.

But those who have normal—or even higher vitamin C levels in their bodies—had less body fat and weight gain.

And you get plenty of vitamin C with Amla powder.  Even though Amla is dried and ground up into a fine powder, you’re still getting the same benefits you would get if you drank the juice or even ate the fruit raw.

One other reason why Amla powder is so effective at accelerating your weight loss is due to the high fiber content found in Amla powder.

Fiber, which wraps itself around food particles to slow the rate of digestion, may slow the release of sugar into your blood, therefore reducing the insulin response.

Plus, higher fiber diets, according to numerous studies, may boost meal satisfaction, therefore keeping you from eating more.

This could result in lower calories consumed, which could lead to fewer pounds or inches gained.

The Final Word On Amla Powder For Losing Weight

Although you can see the benefits you may get from drinking Amla powder…

… there is one reason why some people don’t take it.

Amla powder, thanks to the high vitamin C content, may be very bitter, astringent, and sour to taste.  Unless you’ve been drinking it all your life, this could be a game-changing aspect that could keep people away.

But there is a way to get all the benefits of Amla powder without it tasting bitter or sour.   You see, we have taken some of the strongest Amla powder around (sourced from a private grower) and combined it with Oolong Green Tea leaves.  This combination is like peas and carrots, or cake and wine—it’s AMAZING.

The tea leaves eliminate the sour and bitter taste, so you’re left with only the powerful antioxidants, rushing through your body, and improving every part of your health.

So, if you’re looking for the best Amla powder, then you have come to the right place.

Get All The Weight Loss Benefits Of Amla Powder Combined With The Smooth Taste of Oolong Green Tea