The BEST Amla Powder Drink For Improving Your Health – Amla Green


To all the superfoods, there’s a new alpha in town.  Yes, that’s right, there is a new superfood that is taking the world by storm, and racking up points in the health community.

The new superfood is called Amla.  Actually, it’s not new at all.  This potent berry has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 5,000 years.

This proverbial “new kid on the block” may have more antioxidant power than most superfoods you’ve heard about.

Acai berry … goji berry … and blueberries do not stand a chance against this self-proclaimed “king” of whole-food antioxidants.

And it’s not stopping at just simple health improvements like those other superfoods.

No, Amla may also possess medicinal benefits that could help prevent—or even IMPROVE—some of the most common ailments that you’re faced with today.

I am talking about improvements in diabetes risk … heart disease risk … and even cancer risk may all go down—just by including Amla into your every day nutrition plan.

And it’s relatively easy to do that …

What Is Amla?

Amla, otherwise known as Indian Gooseberry, is a tiny, green fruit native to India, the Middle East, and other Asian countries.

Although many people use Amla to give them soft, silky hair … or even younger looking skin ... Amla does a whole heck of a lot more.

Amla has been used for thousands of years to treat many different health ailments.

Besides treating hair and skin, Amla may also treat:

• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Respiratory illness
• Inflammatory conditions of the skin
• Kidney health
• Liver function
• And so much more.

Packed full of vitamin C, ellagic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, copper, chromium, and other powerful nutrients, there may be no condition that stands a chance against this powerful superfood.

And Amla needs all these antioxidants prevent the attack of free radicals.

Free radicals, which are unstable cells, course through your body while trying to gain stability in the process.

As it bumps into healthy cells, it creates massive cellular damage that could lead to dysfunctions in your cells and DNA.

But thanks to the powerful antioxidants found in Amla powder, free radicals may not stand a chance.

You see, one of the best ways to eliminate free radicals is with whole-food, plant-based nutrition.  This type of diet has been shown to have 64X the antioxidant power when compared to meat-based diets.

This is important because antioxidants are the first defenders against free radicals, therefore preventing them from causing damage.

Eating more colorful fruits and vegetables … eating more superfoods … and including Amla powder, may be the secret to a longer, healthier life.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you drink Amla juice, eat it fresh, or even consume amla powder, no matter how you slice it, Amla is one special fruit.

Amla powder, which is treated with heat, may contain the same nutrients that you would find if you were eating the fruit or even drinking it as a daily juice.


Some health benefits you may see from including Amla powder (or an awesome tasting drink like Amla Green Tea) may include:

• Packed with antioxidants—Amla powder contains plenty of powerful antioxidants that could improve your health.  Packed with more vitamin C than an orange, ellagic acid, and tannins, this superfood does a terrific job at reducing free radical damage, lowering inflammation, and protecting many different areas of your health.

• Better Heart Heath—studies show that elevated cholesterol and blood pressure may increase your risk for developing heart disease.  Amla powder may lower cholesterol and blood pressure, which could reduce your risk factors for heart disease.

• Lower Risk For Diabetes—controlling blood sugar levels may lower your risk for developing diabetes.  Alma, and its powerful antioxidants, has been shown to naturally lower blood sugar levels, therefore lowering your risk.  Plus, Amla may stimulate your pancreas to release insulin, which could add even more blood sugar lowering benefits.

• Cleanses your kidneys—a buildup of minerals could lead to kidney stones, which could lower your kidney function.  However, the high dose of vitamin C in Amla powder may help reduce these buildups, therefore protecting your kidneys from stones.  This could improve kidney function, therefore improving your ability to release toxins that may be stored in your body.

These are some powerful health benefits you may get from using Amla powder every day.  But there are may be many more. Since Amla contains nearly 20X the vitamin C found in oranges, you may boost your immunity, reduce skin blemishes associated with aging, protect your brain, enhance fertility, balance your stomach acids for better digestion, fortify your liver, enhance food absorption, and may flush out toxins.

Amla You Need To Try

Okay, so you have finally accepted that Amla is all-powerful and worthy for you to have every day.  Where can you get Amla if you live outside of India?

Luckily, there are plenty of options.  Some high end grocery chains may carry Amla fruit or even fresh juice, if you’re lucky.  

Your next best option would be to consume Amla in the powdered form.   As I mentioned before, Amla powder may contain the same levels of antioxidants that you would find by eating fresh Amla fruit or drinking the juice.

By simply mixing Amla powder with water, you can get all the health benefits of Amla, and doesn’t carry any adverse side effects of green tea.  However, there is only one issue with this:

Amla may taste very bitter or sour, which may make you turn your nose up at drinking this powerful beverage.

If you do want to down a glass of Amla powdered drink, then here’s a recipe that could make it taste better while delivering all the nutrition you need:

For the best Amla powder mix, simply mix 1 teaspoon of Amla powder with one cup of warm water and drink it daily.

The best part of Amla powder is you can mix it with anything.  Want to take you smoothies to the next level?  Add a heaping teaspoon of Amla powder to your drink and enjoy.

Amla Tea That Uses Leaves

One way that we have taken Amla and made it way better is by combining the strongest, most potent Amla powder with non-GMO Oolong dark green tea leaves. 

Not only are you getting the powerful benefits of Amla, but you are also getting the antioxidant power of Oolong green tea leaves. Here are three simple recipes that you can add a scoop of Amla Green to.

This is exactly what we did when we made Amla Green tea the only way to get the power of Amla like only we know how to deliver:

The BEST Amla Powder Recipe To Nourish Your Health And Strengthen Your Body