Best Green Tea For Inflammation

Best Green Tea For Inflammation

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve experienced some type of inflammation in your life.

A swollen knee … a bee sting … or even some joint pain!  These are all different types of inflammation that may be present in your body.

And you know if you have inflammation—since it presents with redness, swelling, heat, and sometimes pain associated with too much fluid surrounding a joint or body part.

Inflammation may also fight back against deadly bacteria that could make you sick, or it helps to rush nutrients to damaged areas in order to start the healing process.

And when the area is healed, or the bacteria is destroyed, then the inflammation response ceases, and your body returns to homeostasis.

But what happens when the inflammatory response doesn’t shut down?  What kind of impact could out-of-control inflammation levels on your health?

I am so glad you asked …

The Nature Of Chronic Inflammation

In case you didn’t know, there are two different types of inflammation:

Acute and chronic.

Acute inflammation occurs when you have an injury … you get stung by a bee … or you when you burn yourself taking something out of the oven.

Although inflammation will rise, it won’t stay elevated for very long.
In fact, after a few hours or a couple days, the inflammation could be gone.

This is the beneficial inflammatory response that occurs in your body.

The other response, one that may lead to future health issues, is chronic inflammation.  This type of inflammation is associated with:

• Obesity
• Type 2 diabetes
• Heart disease
• Cancer
• Joint issues
• Inflammatory skin conditions
• Respiratory issues
• Age-related changes to your brain
• Inflammatory arthritis conditions (gout, rheumatoid, etc.)
• And so much more.

The fact is: Chronic inflammation is no-good for your body or for your health.

Chronic inflammation may start with an acute inflammatory response.  But after a few hours or even days, the inflammation may still be present because there is an issue with the immune response.

Your immune response is unable to “fix” the issues or repair the damage, therefore the inflammatory response remains active and on.

The worse part: You may not even know you have it.

It’s a rather benign response, as there may be no signs or symptoms that you have inflammation coursing through your body.

When the immune system (and the inflammation) remains unchecked, white blood cells start to invade healthy cells, therefore adding more inflammation to an already exhausted immune system.

So how does this impact your body?

Chronic inflammation, and the potential damage associated with it, may be the beginning stages to the most challenging diseases we are faced with today.

Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s … may all get their start from chronic inflammation.

So what causes chronic inflammation to start in the first place?

It all starts with diet …

How Your Diet Impacts Chronic Inflammation Levels

If you want to live a long and healthy life, you need to take the first step and start to control your internal inflammation levels.

The first step you need to take would be to change your diet.

Diet plays a key role in chronic inflammation.  The worse you eat, the higher your chronic inflammation levels may be.

That’s why cutting out certain foods (and adding in other ones) may soothe inflammation and reduce your risk for chronic diseases.

In order to cut back on your inflammation levels, you should avoid the following foods:

• Highly processed foods—if it comes in a box, keep it on the shelf.  Highly processed are much too refined, have too many additives and artificial ingredients, and contain too many trans-fats.  Highly processed foods have been linked to many different chronic diseases (and weight gain), but also a surge in inflammation.

• Processed meats—hot dogs, sausage, pepperoni, and cold cuts contains high levels of sodium and additives that could also lead to a dramatic spike in your inflammation levels.

• Sugar—besides being highly addictive in nature, sugar also has the ability to increase inflammation and increase the risk for chronic diseases, such as obesity and type 2 Diabetes.

As you can see, many of your favorite types of foods could be on this list.  And that means you could be facing a lifetime of chronic inflammation and a higher risk for chronic diseases.

However, by including more antioxidant-rich foods and drinks, you could lower your chronic inflammation and keep your disease risk down,

Including more colorful fruits and vegetables, superfoods, and antioxidant-rich green teas, you could provide your body with the nutrients it needs to lower inflammation and protect your health.

In particular, green tea may be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to lower chronic inflammation and improve your health in the process.

The Best Tea For Inflammation

As you may know, tea is one of the richest sources of antioxidants around.  Antioxidants, which are powerful nutrients found in many foods and drinks, may squash inflammation, therefore keeping health risks at bay.

But what is the best kind?

Although all teas come from the same tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, and contain powerful polyphenols, antioxidants, and catechins (a part of the flavonoid family) that have been shown in numerous studies to combat inflammation.


Most of catechins that are found in green tea, especially EGCG, may possess many anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it acts to lower inflammation once inside the body.

It may also work by increasing the T cells in your body, which may reduce the damage from bacteria and viruses that could make you sick or compromise your immune system.

But what green tea is the best kind to use?

Green tea and Oolong green tea may hold the highest polyphenol content out of all the tea leaves, in part because it’s not highly processed.

This leaves more of the antioxidant found in the tea leaves, which could flush your body with the needed antioxidants it needs to stay healthy.

But not all green teas are the same.   In fact, some may pale in comparison to the tea that we have created.

Introducing Amla Green Tea.  This potent tea combines the power of dark Oolong Green Tea leaves with the powerful Amla berry.

The result is a drink so powerful … a drink that flushes your body with more antioxidants than any other tea brand … that not one tea brand can compare.

If you’re looking for the best tea for inflammation, then Amla Green Tea is the solution your body has been craving.

Flush Your Body With The Antioxidant Power Of Green Tea Combined With Amla For A Powerful One-Two Punch For Your Health

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