Amla Benefits

Page Medically Reviewed and Edited by Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Amla Benefits

There are plenty of ways to improve your health.  You can eat right … you can exercise … and you can take the steps to de-stress your life.

These simple things could have dramatic impacts on your body.

Even though exercise and managing stress are two important components to warding off illnesses and preventing chronic diseases, they are not the most important.

Your diet is.

That’s why your doctors … your spouse … your co-workers … even the gym rats you may see every day, constantly stress that nutrition is the most important aspect for making serious improvements to your body.

Eating the right diet could go a long way to lowering inflammation, changing blood chemistry, and reducing risk factors for chronic diseases.

Now, you may be saying: “That’s great and all, but what should I be eating to improve my every day health?”

Well, you would need to include plenty of lean proteins, healthy fats, and lower glycemic foods.

Plus, you should be including more superfoods into your diet.   And that would include the “king” of whole food antioxidants, Amla.

This powerful berry holds tremendous promise at improving your health, and preventing some of the more serious chronic diseases around.

What Is Amla?

Amla is a potent berry grown in India, the Middle East, and some other Asian countries, and has been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine for over 5,000 years.

This fruit, which is grown on a sacred tree, has been used to treat a number of different ailments, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

It seems that there is nothing this powerful fruit can’t improve.

Amla may also treat the outside of the body, as much as it is used to treat the inside.

Men and women in India use Amla to improve hair and skin health.

Why is Amla so powerful?

Amla is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to nutrition.  It’s packed full of vitamin C, gallic acid, ellagic acid, and some other powerful compounds and polyphenols that have been shown to elicit tremendous benefits to your health.

It rivals most of the popular superfoods you’re accustomed to hearing about.  In fact, it’s stronger than pomegranates, raw blueberries, Goji berries, and Acai berries.

Turmeric doesn’t even stand a chance against Amla—as Amla is 2 times more powerful than this ancient spice.

So what exactly can Amla do for your health?

The Amla Benefits

If you’re looking to improve your health, then Amla may be the way to go.  Packed full of antioxidants polyphenols, and flavonoids, as well as a robust vitamin and mineral profile, there may be no condition that Amla may not be able to improve.

Here’s some health benefits you may see from using Amla:

1.  Slows Down Aging

In case you didn’t know, when cells are damaged, aging may be accelerated. You may see more fine lines or wrinkles coming out of nowhere.

That’s because free radicals, which are rogue molecules, are moving through your body and damaging DNA, proteins, and cell membranes.

But since Amla is packed full of antioxidants, especially vitamin C, it may scavenge free radicals, therefore preventing cellular damage.

This could slow down the aging process, and make you look and feel years younger.

2. Cuts Down On Heart Disease Risk

In order to cut down your risk for a heart attack or stroke, you need to lower risk factors that could be a problem.

Risk factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol may significantly increase your risk.

Amla, which has many powerful compounds, may lower your bad cholesterol levels, which could prevent oxidation of these particles and cut down on damage to your arteries.

Plus, Amla may increase your good cholesterol levels, therefore sweeping your arteries clean and keeping bad cholesterol levels down.

Amla may also prevent thickening of your artery wall, which may contribute to high blood pressure, and is often the first sign of heart disease.

3. Detoxes Your Body

One of the beautiful aspects of Amla, is the unique ability to detox your body. 

Since Amla acts as a natural diuretic, toxins, salts, uric acid, and other harmful compounds may easily be excreted by your body.

This could provide much needed detoxifying effects.

4. Boosts Metabolic Activity

Your metabolism plays a large role in your body.  It does everything from maintaining your weight, to boosting your energy levels.

So, when your metabolic rate is slow, then you may feel sluggish, have a hard time losing weight, and it could be harder to boost your lean muscle mass.

Amla, which may increase the rate of protein absorption, may increase your metabolism, therefore keeping your energy at high levels.

5. Diabetes Prevention

In case you didn’t know, fruits that are rich in polyphenols (like Amla), may naturally protect your body from the oxidative stress of excessively high blood sugar levels.

This, in turn, could lower your risk for developing diabetes.   Studies have shown that Amla may lower blood sugar levels by enhancing the power of insulin.

Plus, it may stimulate the production of insulin, therefore contributing to lower (and more stable) blood sugar levels.

6. Prevents Ulcers

If you’ve ever had an ulcer, then you know just how painful and uncomfortable they can be.

Thanks to the anti-bacterial properties found in Amla, ulcers may be a think of the past.  Amla may reduce acidity levels in your body, which is often times the cause of ulcers.

Plus, due to the high vitamin C contained in Amla, mouth ulcers (which may be caused by vitamin C deficiency) may be a thing of the past.

7. Keeps Your Skin Cool

If you’ve ever been so hot in the summer, that you decided to stay in instead of enjoying the outside, then this tip is for you.

Vitamin C may improve tannin levels in your body, which could protect you from heat and sunlight, and it adds a cooling effect to your body.

Since Amla contains high levels of vitamin C, you may have high tannin levels, which could further protect your body from heat and sunlight.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, then Amla may be it.   Amla is packed full of polyphenols, antioxidants, and tannins, that could improve all aspects of your health.

Amla has been used a medicinal tool for over 5,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to improve conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Plus, men and women all around the world still use Amla to protect and strengthen their hair, and improve their skin health.

If you’re truly looking for all the Amla benefits, then you should definitely consider giving Amla a try.

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Page Medically Reviewed and Edited by
Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD, is a cofounder of Mastering Diabetes and Amla Green is an internationally recognized nutrition and fitness coach who has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2002. Using an evidence-based approach to nutrition and fitness, he first reduced his own insulin usage by more than 40%, and has educated thousands of people with all forms of diabetes how to reverse insulin resistance using food as medicine. Cyrus earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2003, then earned a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 2012. He is the co-host of the annual Mastering Diabetes Online Summit, a featured speaker at the Plant-Based Nutrition and Healthcare Conference (PBNHC), the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Conference, Plant Stock, and has been featured on Forks Over Knives, NPR, PBS, KQED, Fast Company, and is the author of the upcoming book Mastering Diabetes.

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