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Understanding the 99 Most Powerful Antioxidant-Rich Foods in the World

Learn the benefits and some surprising unknown risks...

Top 99 Antioxidant Dictionary

Usually people paint a rosy picture of antioxidant-rich foods, but the truth is that antioxidant “superfoods” can carry some unknown risks.

Below is a list of the top 5 most antioxidant rich foods on the planet, and the risks of incorporating them into your diet.

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    Revealed: not all antioxidants are as "safe" as you may think. In this guide we reveal what to watch out for to protect your valuable health.
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    Get evidence-based information about the world's most powerful superfoods, so that you know what to eat for optimal health.
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    Discover the most comprehensive list of 99 of the world's most antioxidant-rich foods, and the benefits of incorporating each into your diet.

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Superfood #1: Amla 

(Indian Gooseberries)

The Benefits

The most powerful whole-food antioxidant fruit in the world has been used for centuries, and scientists are now publishing study after study showing how daily amla consumption significantly impacts blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Amla is considered a literal “fountain of youth,” and has been reported to keep hair from going gray. Generations of people in India have used amla to keep their hair black and skin wrinkle-free.

Watch Out For...

The reason amla is not widely known is because it tastes very sour - like vinegar mixed with dish soap. The only amla product we've found that retains the pure power of amla and tastes great with no sugar added is Amla Green, which is blended with a special oolong dark green tea that neutralizes amla's natural sour taste and brings out the fruit's hidden sweetness.


Superfood #2: Acai Berries

The Benefits

Acai is native to the rainforests of South America, and can be more than 40% of the nutritional intake of some tribes. It gained popularity as a superfood due to its high concentration of antioxidants.

Watch Out For...

Acai's impact on actual disease has not been studied extensively, and has been the subject of legal action for false claims. While high in antioxidants, the health benefits of acai are yet to be fully determined.


Superfood #3: Moringa Olifera

The Benefits

Moringa is a fruit tree native to Southern India. Though people eat the fruits, most of the antioxidant value is in the leaves and roots. The plant contains over 90 well-studied  nutrients and phytonutrients.

Watch Out For...

Moringa can be toxic at high levels. It is not appropriate for pregnant women because it has been shown to induce abortions in various mammals.


Superfood #4: Spirulina

The Benefits

Spirulina is a form of cyanobacterium, a kind of photosynthetic bacteria. It can't really be considered a fruit, vegetable or animal, but it is highly sought after as a superfood, rich in iron and protein. 

Watch Out For...

Spirulina contains microcystins which, when taken over a long period of time, can cause liver toxicity and intestinal upset. The disease-fighting benefits have not been extensively studied.


Superfood #5: Goji Berries

The Benefits

Goji berries are considered a superfood that is high in antioxidants, and increases energy levels, athletic performance, quality of sleep, mental acuity, calmness, and significantly reduced fatigue and stress.

Watch Out For...

Goji berries can interact with medications like Warfarin and some diabetes drugs. Also, goji berries have been documented to cause sleep problems.

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The Antioxidant Dictionary changed everything for me

I thought I understood which foods contain antioxidants, but after reading this report I began to understand that more is not always better. Now I'm very selective in my antioxdant intake, and I have never felt better.

MARC J.  //  Salt Lake City, UT

30 pounds and counting...

I have always been a fan of healthy eating, and willing to experiment with new foods on the market. With this guide, now I know exactly what to eat and what to avoid!

DANA M.  //  Ukiah, CA

Who needs coffee when you know about THESE foods?

I have been drinking coffee my entire life, and after reading the Antioxidant Dictionary, I stopped drinking coffee and replaced coffee with natural teas that energize me, feed my brain, and keep me alert. Thank you for this information!

ROBERTO S.  //  Puerto Limon, Costa Rica


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