The Path to Getting Rid of Your Diabetes Medications – Amla Green


The Path to Getting Rid of Your Diabetes Medications

In this webinar we feature Cyrus Khambatta, PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry and Kylie Buckner, MSN RN discussing the different kinds of medications commonly used to manage diabetes.
We discuss a range of oral and injectable medications and explain what tissues they act on, what they do to the function of these tissues, and their side effects.
For many, medication is a band aid that helps to reduce the symptoms of a deeper metabolic issue - insulin resistance.
We cover how to recognize and reverse insulin resistance . This video lays out how a low fat - plant based diet can reverse insulin resistance and set you on a path to reducing or eliminating your medication.
Last, we cover how medicinal plants like amla can help in the battle for metabolic health.
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