Imagine Drinking a Cup of Coffee with 97-Times the Antioxidant Power...

Learn 6 Reasons Why You Should Substitute Your Coffee with Amla Green Today

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Do you drink coffee every day?

Are you looking for a coffee substitute packed with 97-times more antioxidant power?

What if you could still enjoy a hot, delicious drink AND improve your metabolic health at the same time? Now it’s possible to do both using Amla Green!

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Here Are the Top 6 Reasons Why Amla Green is the Ideal Coffee Substitute:

Amla Contains 97-Times the
Antioxidant Power of Coffee

Amla is the #1 most potent whole-food antioxidant on the planet. The antioxidant content in amla dwarfs coffee, green tea, acai berries, goji berries, cacao, red wine, matcha, and turmeric.

Amla Supports Healthy Blood Glucose

Peer-reviewed evidence shows that amla supports healthy blood glucose levels In head-to-head comparisons with with leading diabetes medication.

Amla Gives You Long-Lasting Energy

Amla Green contains a specific form of dark roasted oolong green tea. This tea contains caffeine equivalent to about ¼ a cup of coffee. For most people, this amount is enough to provide a noticeable energy boost, but not enough to give them the “jitters.”

Amla is Packed with Vitamin C

Amla Green contains 500x more bioavailable vitamin C than the synthetic form of vitamin C you find in a supplement. Eating vitamin C-rich foods on a daily basis is a great tool to keep your immune system functioning in tip-top shape.

Studies Show Amla Supports
Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Amla has also been clinically studied head-to-head with statin medication. Similar to the studies on blood glucose, researchers have shown amla can impact total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides.

Amla Green Tastes Delicious!

Raw amla tastes terrible – like a combination of vinegar and dish soap. That’s why we created Amla Green – to make the world’s most powerful antioxidant taste incredible. If you are looking to find a healthy coffee substitute, switch to Amla Green and support your health with every sip.

Amla is the most widely prescribed plant in Ayurvedic medicine, and has been used for thousands of years to improve energy levels, productivity, and mental alertness, while helping to reverse the signs of aging.

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Green Instead of Coffee...


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